Living with dogs

dog in long grassDogs get the title of “man’s best friend” over all the other animals in the animal kingdom. Think about it, there are plenty of other animals that we as humans have come to depend on throughout our history. From beasts of burden, such as the ox and buffalo, animals we have used for transport such as horses and camels to animals we have relied on as a source of food, from chickens to cattle. Yet, the one animal people the world over have come to consider as their best friend in the whole animal kingdom is the dog.

While there is some debate over the exact time this partnership started, there is no debate that this relationship between us and dogs was and is common on all of the inhabited continents on earth from the deserts of the Sahara to the freezing arctic to our pampered pooches living in our homes. Living with dogs is a part of being human.


Many of the common dog breeds we know of today were bred for specific purposes that are not so desirable in the modern world such as hunting, guarding and fighting. Today we have a range of different designer dog breeds to suit our particular lifestyle with many designer breeds possessing traits that make it even easier to share our homes and lives with, such as  relaxed temperaments, non-shedding coats, small size, quick learning etc. Designer dogs also come in a range of sizes from Toy Cavoodles to Standard Groodles.

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While most people who have either owned a dog on the past or lived around dogs know the basics about looking after a dog, a little bit of extra knowledge can go a long way in making dog ownership that much better. And hey, some people have never owned a dog before so the whole experience is new. One of the best things about dog ownership is that if you have questions about your dog, other more experienced owners are often more than happy to help a new owner answer as many questions that come up along the way.

Below are a collection of helpful articles that don’t fit into the other categories on this site but will help you both understand and care for your dog to make dog ownership a very rewarding experience.