Jug Parent Breeds

The Jug is a hybrid breed between the Pug and the Jack Russell Terrier.

The Pug

Pug fawn on the grassThe Pug originated in China and is an ancient breed of dog which has been around for centuries. They stand 25 – 35cm (10-14 inches) tall and weigh 6 – 9kg (13-20 pounds). They have small, square, and compact bodies. Their faces are short, with very short muzzles, and they are characteristically wrinkled. They may be many colors, but Pugs are often fawn with dark marking on the face. Pugs are said to have big personalities for such small bodies. They are most often described as charming, clever, playful, attentive, quiet, sociable, stubborn, and docile. Pugs have great personalities but some are very difficult to housebreak. They are also prone to shedding, flatulence, snorting, and other odd sounds due to their short faces. This has also resulted in certain health conditions.

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell TerrierJack Russell Terriers are, like Pugs, small dogs. They may stand anywhere from 25 – 35cm and weigh 5 – 8kg. The overall image of the dog is one of balance, they are compact, and the height and length are in proportion. Most Jack Russells are white with black or tan markings. Their muzzles are moderately long and their ears are folded down. Unlike the Pug, which have throughout history served as companion dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier has lived on as a working dog. Their temperaments will be somewhat defined by this quality. They are frequently described as being energetic, vocal, fearless, stubborn, intelligent, and athletic. This breed needs a fair degree of exercise and activity or else they may become rowdy and difficult to live with.

Jug Appearance

What does a Jug look like?

jug puppy dogGenetic variations are very common among dogs of this hybrid breed. This essentially means that each Jug tends to be somewhat unique, each with their own set of characteristics from either parent. General descriptions of the Jug in general are rather mixed, and the only thing that is known for certain is that the dog will have a unique appearance and will resemble its parents in one form or another. The reason for the particularly striking uniqueness of the Jug is the fact that the Pug and Terrier are themselves so different in appearance. In many regards they are, in fact, opposites, at least when it comes to the body and the face. In fact, the two dogs share virtually no similarities. Pugs are short, stocky, muscular, with extremely short snouts, and Terriers are slender, sleek, and more graceful in appearance with rather long muzzles. Any given Jug can fall along the line between the two parents with virtually any combination of physical traits. Some Jugs have a body that is stocky and squarish, more closely akin to its Pug parent in this regard, but have the longer muzzle of the Jack Russel. Other Jugs may have the longer, more lanky body of the Jack Russell, but have a shorter more Pug-like face and facial features.

Many Jugs will carry the curly tail of the Pug, but not always. Overall most Jugs will be lighter in build than their Pug parent but likely somewhat heavier than their Jack Russell parent. As both the Jack Russell Terrier and the Pug are relatively small dogs it can be said with fair certainty that the Pug will be small as well. In terms of size the Jug generally stands between 25 – 35cm (10-14 inches) tall and weigh 6 – 9kg (13-20 pounds). Both parents have relatively short coats, so the Jug will follow suit. It may be more sleek, like the Pug, or more rough, like the Terrier, but it is important to note that the Jack Russell Terrier alone has several different coat textures. They may also appear in a variety of colors depending on the colors of the parents, although generally Jugs will be black, fawn, or caramel.

Jug Temperament

What is a Jug’s personality like?

Jug dogBoth parents of the Jug have generally amiable personalities, so the Jug, in turn, is often a good-natured companion dog. They will tend to be courageous, fearless, and quite social. Jugs are often rather intelligent and clever, making them relatively easy to train. Many times this breed of dog will get the affectionate and charming disposition of the Pug parent but the energy of the Terrier parent. Jugs are described as being loyal, loving, comical, curious, and playful. Of course it is always the goal to get the best of both worlds when it comes to breeding two purebreds, but this is never a guarantee. A Jug may always inherit any of the negative traits of either or both parents, although often times they will have some balance between the two purebreds. For example, while Pugs are often calm and even somewhat lazy, Terriers are very high energy, and many Jugs find a medium between the two—but others may favor one parent or the other. As far as a few common problems among Jugs, beware of stubbornness. Like any other small dog they may develop “small dog syndrome” unless they are trained and conditioned properly. Jugs may also be, like their Terrier parent, prone to behavioral issues if they get insufficient exercise or are left on their own for too long. They may dig, chew, and show destructive tendencies.

Many Jugs do well as family dogs and as long as they have plenty of exercise and are trained well they tend to be very good pets. However, if you are not sure you can provide a high level of activity for these dogs on a daily basis, better options would be a Puggle or Pugalier.

Jug Health

Are Jugs a healthy breed?

Pugs are quite vulnerable to a variety of respiratory issues and even eye problems due to their short facial structure. Jugs may inherit some of these same problems but the chance of it happening is reduced since Jugs tend to have longer muzzles due to the Terrier parent. Jack Russell Terriers are known to have orthopedic issues and cardiac problems that Jugs may also develop.

Jug Lifespan

How long do Jugs live for?

The life expectancy of most Jugs is 12-15 years of age.

Jug Exercise

How much exercise does a Jug need?

The amount of activity required by each individual Jug is different. In the case that the dog takes more strongly after the Terrier parent they could need a high degree of daily exercise. In any case they will need at least some degree of activity to stay healthy.

Jug Grooming

How much grooming does a Jug need?

It is important to make sure a Jug’s face is clean, much like a Pug’s, as infections may spring up among the wrinkles. It is also important to check their ears and eyes to be sure they look clean and healthy.