Your new puppy

Beaglier puppy

So you have made the exciting decision to get a puppy or even if you are still considering if you will get a puppy, this is one exciting time for you and your family!! There are very few exciting experiences that last in your memory then the first time your new puppy comes home that both adults and kids remember with such fondness. And it should be exciting as you are about to enrich your life for many years to come.

Dogs enrich our lives in ways you may not have considered. They make us feel better when we are feeling down, provide company when we don’t want to be alone, teach our kids many valuable life lessons from responsibility to empathy and the list goes on. So, the only thing they ask for is to be looked after and have a place by our side. I’d say we have definitely got the best end of the bargain!!

From Beagliers to Poochons a little bit of extra knowledge before you bring your puppy home will definitely come in handy to make the transition so much smoother and more fun for the whole family. Below are a collection of helpful articles with plenty of tips and tricks to getting the new member of your family off to a flying start.