What is a Pet Loo?

pet-looFor those of us who enjoy our dog’s company both outside and inside the ritual letting out of the dog every morning can be a real pain – especially when it’s early and it’s your day off. Enter The Pet Loo. The Pet Loo is an ingenious solution which effectively eliminates all your dog’s toilet problems and gives you back the privilege of sleeping in on a Sunday morning, without the stress of a messy clean up as payment for the extra shuteye.

With a little training The Pet Loo consolidates your Cavoodle’s waste into one area that is easy to clean up, making apartment and house dogs a lot easier to live with. Training your dog to use the Pet Loo is just like any other toilet training of your pet. We have a helpful article called ‘How to toilet train your puppy’ on this website.

pet-loo-how-it-worksThe Pet Loo also makes it possible to take your dog to the office should you need to at a moment’s notice. Not only is the Pet Loo convenient, the latest design also makes it a breeze to clean up, with a unique draining system to contain the smell and allow easy no-splash disposal into the toilet.

Plenty of thought has gone into the design of The Pet Loo, from the type of material, the easy clean synthetic grass, to the slope of the tray to ensure maximum drainage. Clean up has received a lot of focus in the design of The Pet Loo to ensure it is as convenient as possible. Urine flows freely through the grass mat, onto a grid tray, and from there into a container. This means the synthetic grass is elevated up and away from the urine at all times, and owners can simply flush excess urine away by pouring warm water over the grass.

A specially sourced material creates a product that is resistant to the acidity of urine, thereby ensuring a long life and value for money. The synthetic grass mat is also easily removed as it does need a weekly spray down with a mid-pressured hose, or even in the shower, until the water starts to run clear and allow to air dry before replacing the grass onto the tray, and you will ensure a clean fresh environment for your pet to their business.

Pet loo 3 sizesIt’s strong too, as it’s been rated to hold up to 300kg so you will have no problem with the bigger pets. There are various sizes to suit different sized pets, with the smaller models obviously coming in at a cheaper price.