Puppy ear cleaning

Puppy ear cleaning timeFor most new dog owner’s, cleaning the ears of the most recent addition to the family has most likely not even crossed their minds. However, cleaning a dog’s ears is one of the most important things you can do to prevent a whole range of health problems from taking root. A dog’s ears are the perfect breeding ground for lots of little nasties such as yeast and bacteria which, if left to their own devices, will eventually breed to infectious levels. Taking a little time each week to keep your dog’s ears clean and clear will help ensure a healthy happy animal.
The trick to cleaning a dog’s ears for the first time is to build them up to it. Get your dog accustomed to having their ears handled by touching and handling them while you’re petting him. Every now and then lift up an ear flap and have a look inside. When you let it down give the dog lots of praise. It also helps to rub the inside of the ears without going in any further than the areas that are visible. Also pay some attention to around the base of the ears.
Beaglier ears backWhat you are effectively doing is getting your dog accustomed to having his ears handled so he knows he has nothing to be afraid of when you go in for a proper clean. Dirty ears on a dog can be cleaned with any quality commercial dog ear wash. Load up the ears with a decent amount of wash and then give the base of the ears a thorough but gentle massage for about thirty seconds.
When done stand back and let your dog shake his head. Your dog will be enthusiastic about clearing his ears so make sure you do this in an area where you don’t mind a mess. Once your dog has finished shaking you will need to go in with a cotton ball or tissue to sop up the excess cleaner. Never go in further than what you can see, and never use a cotton-tip inside your dog’s ear as it’s easy to push in too far and damage the ear drum.
It’s important to have a regular cleaning regime for dogs that have long floppy ears, such as Beagliers and Puggles. You should also clean regularly if your dog spends a lot of time in the water. Otherwise, cleaning once a month should be plenty for breeds with upright ears if they are obviously healthy and are not showing any signs of distress in that area. When in doubt check with your vet about any breed specific ear care requirements.